Whey protein concentrate 35

Havero Hoogwegt offers you top quality whey protein concentrate 35, which is used in many applications including ice cream and infant nutrition.

The production of a powder

Whey Protein Concentrate or WPC is a concentrate of the proteins that do not pass the membrane during ultra filtration. The concentrate is dried to a well dissolving powder. The protein content can vary from 30% up to 80%. Havero Hoogwegt therefore offers you:

Whey protein concentrate 35 is used as a replacement of skimmed milk powder, but isalso applied in infant nutrition as well as for the addition of structure and mouth feel of dairy products like yoghurt. Our team gladly informs you on whether whey protein concentrate 35 is the best choice for you end product. We like to hear everything about your specific needs in terms of quality, functionality, logistics, and production, to tailor our services entirely to your wishes and demands!

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