Bulk whey protein isolate

Havero Hoogwegt is your experienced supplier of bulk whey protein isolate and other whey derivatives. We gladly contribute to your high quality end products.

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For Havero Hoogwegt, only ingredients of the best quality are good enough. We provide our customers with various whey derivatives including bulk whey protein isolate, or WPI. Bulk whey protein isolate does not contain fat and enables you to obtain higher protein levels in your end products as well as fat free end products. Why should you choose Havero Hoogwegt as your WPI supplier? Please discover some of our key performance indicators:

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Do you have any questions about bulk whey protein isolate? Then do not hesitate to contact Havero Hoogwegt by calling +31 26 322 8520 or by sending your email to mail@havero.nl. Our team gladly informs you about our products!

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