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Within the globally leading Hoogwegt Group, Havero Hoogwegt is a relatively small division. However, we have a huge amount of technological knowledge at our fingertips. In fact, some 35% of our employees hold technical positions. We have a fully equipped application laboratory for practical research and where we test the physical, microbiological and functional properties of ingredients and blends.

Hapro products and tailored ingredients

Our product development activities enable us to introduce numerous products a year under our own Hapro label. We also use our application laboratory to develop tailored products for our customers. We employ dedicated development managers who can advise on and assist in the development of our products.

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Welcome to our application laboratory

Use our facilities for product development

Would you like to conduct some tests yourself? We are happy to share our in-house laboratory. We have all the resources needed to simulate a production environment on a small scale. Our facilities are suitable for applications in the field of ice cream, yoghurt, milk drinks, and processed cheese.

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Havero Hoogwegt

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