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Hoogwegt is the largest privately owned dairy commodity provider in the world, active in more than 130 countries. We have our own offices in all major dairy producing and purchasing regions. That makes us one of the few truly global players in the sector, if not the only one.

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Not only do we have an incredible amount of first hand market information, we are also prepared to share it with our partners. We firmly believe in sharing information, not least because it is also in our own long-term interests. Several times a year, we send our customers a market analysis report, tailored to their own particular field of business. In addition, our professionals will personally share information on market price developments and any other market intelligence which we believe may be of use to you.

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Hoogwegt Horizons is our regular house publication. In it, we share our thoughts and insights on the global dairy business with the rest of the industry. It is published monthly. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in receiving a copy by e-mail.

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